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Industry: Insurance

Client Overview

Founded in 1901, AAA Auto Club Group (ACG) is a reputed member of the AAA federation. It is the second largest AAA club in North America, serving more than 14 million members across 14 U.S. states, the province of Quebec, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. ACG provides a full suite of products and services e.g. roadside assistance, insurance, financial services, automotive, transportation, safety, advocacy, discounts, membership, and travel support to millions of AAA Members.

The Problem Statement 
  • ACG acquired two clubs, AAA Colorado and AAA Carolinas. With this acquisition, ACG wanted to merge the digital magazine websites of AAA ACG, AAA Colorado, and AAA Carolinas into a single digital magazine website.
  • ACG wanted to merge these three digital magazines into one website with the name, ‘AAA Living’, and host the new digital magazine on an experience management platform that should be highly secure and author-friendly.
The Business Challenges
  • It was important for ACG that the website reflects the business needs as well as increases user productivity in order to increase ROI.
  • It was challenging to merge and maintain three content repositories of AAA ACG, AAA Colorado, and AAA Carolinas into a single repository and execute the content migration and review tasks seamlessly.
  • The requirement was to create pages and host content for the newly built website and the content had to be fetched from the 3 existing websites.
Business Solution
  • The Youngsoft team found AEM version 6.5 to be the perfect fit for building the new website. 
  • AEM provided the ‘AAA Living’ website with the best author environment and DAM (Digital Asset Management) facility.
  • Adobe Experience Manager provided an enriched, user-friendly, intuitive, and collaborative end-user experience to the new website.
  • In addition to supporting ACG’s website with a robust Content Management System (CMS), AEM allowed stakeholders, partners, and clients to leverage information using a single platform. 
  • AEM provided ACG the much-required freedom of modifying the website on its own without taking support from the technical team or outside resources.
  • With AEM, ACG got access to innovative features and a faster development cycle, which led to a decrease in maintenance costs.

 'AAA Living' magazine tech stack

Core Technology Used

AEM supported ACG by creating and managing digital experiences across multiple channels. AEM 6.5 offered sophisticated UI (User Interface), multiple layers of personalization, and desktop conventions to the website. It fulfilled the ‘AAA Living’ website’s Web Content Management needs and delivered a content-driven robust business solution facilitating the integration of enterprise applications, and revenue-generating social networks.

Along with AEM, a powerful framework with enterprise-grade security, out-of-the-box content management capabilities including flexible workflows, and robust tools for integration with complex and existing legacy systems had been leveraged.

The Positive Impact
  • AEM supported in crawling, reviewing, ranking, and segregating articles from the three existing websites to the new ‘AAA Living’ website with ease.
  • The AEM Authoring feature delivered a consistent content experience.
  • AEM helped in the integration of various endpoints into a single end-point.
Key Highlights
  • AAA Living magazine’s website design was completed after receiving input from ACG. 
  • Youngsoft’s AEM team reviewed, edited, and ranked 150 articles from the three previous websites to the new website.
  • The Youngsoft team developed and delivered necessary training resources for the ACG staff on how to manage the website’s functionalities effectively.
  • The ‘AAA Living’ magazine website is at present going through 6 million page views per year while the maximum capacity level is 24 million page views per year.
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