Integration of AEM & Salesforce for an Auto Insurance Provider Company


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Industry: Auto insurance

Client Overview

The Youngsoft client is a prominent auto insurance provider who faced challenges in delivering efficient services, consistent messaging, and personalized interactions across diverse communication channels to its clientele.

Youngsoft orchestrated a solution with integration between Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Salesforce. It catalyzed a significant shift in the way the auto insurance company engaged with its members/customers. This integration not only heightened customer engagement but also streamlined operations, underscoring its potential to reshape the industry landscape.

The Problem Statement 

  • Integration – The client’s workflow was hampered due to fragmented customer profiles kept in more than one system. Inconsistent data of prospects and policyholders (members) was creating a major work issue for the client.
  • Proper branding – The development of a logical brand identity was hindered by inconsistent messaging and branding across several media.
  • Streamlined Data transferring – Data transferring between AEM and Salesforce was scattered by various programs which resulted in inefficiencies and data discrepancies.
  • Effective communication – The client struggled to provide personalized recommendations and information to policyholders, limiting the effectiveness of their outreach.
The Business Challenges
  • The client wanted a mobile app to integrate its customer engagement initiatives and customer experience that would result in providing the policyholders with a seamless experience.
  • It was challenging to provide the policyholders (members) a seamless experience on behalf of the client ranging from quote requests to the provision of location-based services to claims processing in the mobile app.
Business Solution
  • Youngsoft proposed and executed an integration strategy, seamlessly linking AEM and Salesforce.
  • This integration bolstered customer engagement, optimized marketing efforts, and streamlined data exchange systems.
  • Youngsoft developed a mobile application that offered greater services by detecting the customer’s location.
Core Technology Used

The integration between (AEM) Adobe Experience Manager and Salesforce showcased how the amalgamation of both technologies can revolutionize customer experiences. The partnership between both technologies achieved remarkable results for the client. It paved the way for new scopes in reshaping the auto insurance landscape.

The merger of both technologies enabled personalized communications systems, and fine-grained data exchanges between the technologies thus ensuring brand consistency for the client. Adobe Target was also leveraged by the Youngsoft developers to improve experiences. Adobe Target supported the personalization of customer experience for every policyholder.

The Positive Impact

  • Consolidated customer data

The integration of AEM and Salesforce empowered the client with a consolidated member and prospect profile list that encompassed membership details, customer location, communication history, and interactions. This holistic view helped in decision-making across several departments of the business organization.

  • Tailored communications

Utilizing the integrated data, the client harnessed and delivered personalized communications among its policyholders and prospects. This customized approach included offering policy recommendations based on individual needs that resulted in enhancing policyholders’ satisfaction.

  • Automated touchpoints

The integration facilitated the fine-grained exchange of customer data between AEM and Salesforce. This enabled the client to automate targeted communications triggered by various customer attributes or events.

  • Consistent brand identity

The Youngsoft developers ensured that the latest branding assets and content from AEM seamlessly flowed into Salesforce, thus ensuring a uniform brand experience across all policyholder interactions.

  • Empowered service teams

Armed with a comprehensive mobile application that enabled customers to avail various services based on their location, the customer service representatives of the client were better equipped to provide tailored assistance and address the policyholders’ requests more efficiently.

Key Highlights

  • Elevated engagement – Personalized communications and recommendations drove heightened engagement, leading to a 25% increase in online policyholder interactions and inquiries.
  • Efficient operations – Automated communication workflows reduced manual intervention, resulting in a 30% decrease in time spent on routine policy inquiries and updates.
  • Enhanced policyholders’ loyalty – The integrated approach contributed to a 20% rise in policy renewal rates, as policyholders received relevant and timely information.
  • Improved brand perception – The seamless, personalized experiences resulted in a 15% improvement in customer satisfaction scores, bolstering the client’s brand image.
  • Steady business growth – The cumulative impact of enhanced engagement, operational efficiency, and improved policyholders’ loyalty translated into a substantial 20% YoY increase in policy sales.
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