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Digital Transformation is rapidly changing the way healthcare is delivered globally. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a paradigm shift in digital healthcare. Information Technology allows healthcare providers easy access to the medical records of patients, improved patient care, and reduced medical errors. Youngsoft India has successfully supported healthcare payers, providers, hospitals, hybrid medical systems and other healthcare entities for a long time in revolutionizing their healthcare solutions. We can help you with digitizing the patient journey ranging from appointment scheduling through tele-consultation and to e-Prescribing all of which comes with improved, secure and compliant data management.

Our Healthcare IT Solutions

We empower hospitals and clinics to embrace digital transformation with the latest Healthcare IT solutions.

Telehealth & Telemedicine Tech Solutions

Connects healthcare providers and patients for e-consultation. Our solution can help you from visualizing data analytics to scheduling online appointments.


Assisting with RPM or Remote Patient Monitoring to collect and transmit patient health data from a distance and RTM or Remote Therapeutic Monitoring to monitor and manage therapeutic interventions remotely.

EHR & EMR Software Solutions

Helps in storing, managing, and enabling access to patient data in an electronic format. It ultimately helps in doctor-patient interaction with maximum productivity.

e-Prescribing Software

Automate workflow, streamline operations, reduce costs, and avoid tiresome paperwork with our e-Prescribing software.

Clinical Analytics

Helps healthcare practitioners with real-time data analytics that can provide insights into clinical operations, and improve patient safety.

Healthcare IoT Solutions

The Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT) or the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) helps in building a smart healthcare system for you that can collect patient data through smart sensors and analyze it for actionable insights.

Legacy of Youngsoft’s Healthcare IT Solutions

Youngsoft has been providing a plethora of Healthcare IT solutions and services for several years.

The patient engagement platform enables remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) of physical activity.
The telemedicine service-providing platform delivers medical treatment through digital clinics and at-home virtual care settings.
The e-prescribing platform provides physicians and their staff members with a secure and comprehensive method for generating prescriptions.

What are the other benefits of our Healthcare IT Solution?

Improved care coordination

Reducing medication errors in healthcare.

Upgraded health management

Collecting and analyzing patient data accurately.

Enhanced patient education

Empowering patients with a patient portal for sharing health-related knowledge.

Airtight Compliance

Solutions conforming to applicable regulations.

Our Healthcare IT Services

Our Healthcare IT service range consists of experienced IT professionals who can provide excellent Healthcare IT solutions by designing, developing, implementing, and testing systems that span multiple domains.

  • Integrating TPAs (Third-Party Administrators) who act as intermediaries between the insurance provider and the policyholder for processing claims and settlement.
  • Upgrading existing healthcare platforms.
  • Designing and building the healthcare provider, agent, and member portals/systems.
  • Building and supporting the Telemedicine platform.
  • Facilitating the structured storage of integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data, which aids in the study of trends and early or timely identification of disease outbreaks.
  • Designing and developing native and hybrid Mobile Healthcare Applications for iOS and Android devices.
  • EMR/EHR vendor platforms with cloud-based e-prescribing products that adhere to guidelines/amendments/relevant state medical councils.
  • Remote diagnosis and patient care based on Health Record IT Standards and Interoperability.
  • Youngsoft India has the expertise and experience to provide web accessibility to site visitors with impairments or disabilities.
  • Setting up off-site testing teams (QA as a Service) for a full suite of manual and automated testing services catering to a variety of client demands and implementation schedules with the sole objective of high quality in mind.
  • Helping in Interoperability for seamless exchange and use of healthcare data. Facilitating FHIR or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources for quick, standardized healthcare data exchange and EDR or Electronic Data Repository for creating secure repositories for centralized storage of patient health information.

Our Security & Privacy Standards

We abide by the existing medical laws of different countries that confirm we guarantee the safeguarding of patients’ medical records.

Secure Storage

We ensure that patient's information is securely stored and managed

Access Control

Verification of the identity of individuals seeking legally permissible access to protected data

Process Driven

Our process-driven approach ensures we are abiding by all the healthcare regulations and these are at par with HIPAA and EHNAC

Why Choose Our Healthcare IT Solutions?

  • Centralized data management, storage, and access.
  • Creating and implementing personalized and well-guarded journeys for patients.
  • Ensuring secure access to patients’ information on multiple platforms & devices.
  • Seamless real-time and yet compliant connectivity between healthcare providers and patients.
  • Reducing healthcare costs with affordable healthcare facilities for all.