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Adobe Experience Manager helps you organize and manage the delivery of creative assets and other content across your digital marketing channels, including web, mobile, email, social media, and video. You can either host your content on-premises or in the cloud. With this ultimate control of your content and campaigns, you’ll be able to deliver relevant and enriching experiences to customers.

About AEM
  • Introduction
  • Benefits of AEM
  • Services for AEM
  • Build your Brand
    Today, a company’s brand identity and value is defined by the interactions and experiences it delivers across all digital channels. The Adobe Experience Manager solution integrates Adobe tools to empower marketers and IT to launch digital properties quickly and achieve measurable impact on brand strength
  • Drive Demand
    The opportunity to drive demand through digital channels is exploding as customers spend more time and money online. The Adobe Experience Manager solution integrates Adobe tools to launch marketing campaigns and drive demand across multiple channels
  • Extend your Reach
    The Adobe Experience Manager solution integrates Adobe tools to empower content publishers and IT to optimize their content across digital channels, including mobile and social media
  • Attract
    Increase site traffic and repeat visits with an engaging online experience, dynamic content, and multichannel outreach
  • Capture
    Gain time to market advantage with rapid rollout of new campaigns targeted to defined customer audiences
  • Sell
    Increase campaign conversion rates with integration to real-time analytics and marketing optimization
  • Grow
    Build localmarket brand awareness and sales in new geographies with rapid localization of global web presence
  • Engage
    Increase customer loyalty and generate new sales opportunities through online community evangelism and social media
  • Implementation, migration, and customized development
  • Administration, prototyping, testing and deployments
  • Integration with analysis tools like Site Catalyst
  • Contract consulting services
  • On-site and off-site project management and execution
  • License purchase support
  • Maintenance of production deployments through a combined subscription and support package