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Every company across the US and the globe have been, and will continue to be, impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. The changes that have been forced upon all companies are vast and came about almost overnight, with little time to think through the implications that less-informed decisions would have downstream. We are all now living with the consequences of these decisions, and many companies are facing the reality that the best “go-forward” approach for their business survival is prognostic insight. Actionable awareness springs from having close connections with end-users, clients, members, and patients. It is fortified by analyzing streams of modern media, combined with legacy data and historic trends. It is inspired by embracing enlightenment. A successful business - one that will survive and thrive – must be well connected, engaging, enabled, agile, astute, and empowered at the edge.
Our Workforce

Our Workforce

Working from home, once an approach relegated to very few job categories, has now become the norm for most employees. Companies need to insure that remote workers have robust tools that will allow them to seamlessly interact with their peers, their managers, and their co-workers in other locations nationally, as well as internationally in many instances. Employers should be focusing on standardizing communications platforms with the greatest flexibility, reliability, bandwidth, and enhancement capabilities possible, without finding themselves needing to support a po peri of ad-hoc tools that employees may elect to utilize on their own, absent a unified message and recommendation being put forth. Deciding on which tools, how best to implement them, how best to support them, and how best to deploy them, are all critical success factors that only an experienced IT consulting firm can provide.


We’ve lost in person interactions with these most valuable relationships, and now must provide customers, members, and patients with alternative means to get answers to their pressing questions on products they have ordered, services they would like to receive, appointments they wish to make, etc., and all of these and dozens of other accommodations must be available via phone, mobile devices, and laptop computers, running a myriad of operating systems. Companies must upgrade their external facing IT functionality to meet these challenges, and they must be able to stay current with the anticipated requirement to deliver even more functionality while operating remotely. The changes that are upon us are not likely to disappear anytime soon, and we have to look ahead to insure that we have incorporated technology that will allow our companies to continue to services customers, and to grow profitably.

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Telemedicine, once a modestly utilized technology by a select few providers and health systems, has now become mandatory for physicians, hospitals, health systems, and healthcare payers to survive. Patients cannot or will not travel to their physician’s office for care due to the COVID-19 crisis. Patients will instead insist on IT based functionally that will allow for virtual visits with their physician(s), with prescriptions electronically sent to their preferred pharmacy, and for medical monitoring devices to be integrated automatically into the “portal” solution they are provided access to. In addition to these steps, all of the data that is generated must be melded into their electronic medical record, automatically.

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IT strategies to support these quantum changes cannot be studied in school, as there is no historical precedent for them. Companies must look to organizations that have decades of experience of successfully working with the processes that made up our past healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, banking, and service industries processes, and that possess seasoned resources who have direct experience in crafting cost-effective, and demonstrably successful solutions on behalf of their clients.

Approaching its 29th year, Youngsoft has successfully responded to ever changing client requirements, by applying in-depth up-front analysis, design, testing, and deployment approaches that have met, or exceeded our client’s expectations. Our current realities that COVID-19 has brought forth, require the same diligence relative to IT services and solutions that have worked in the past – with the recognition that the solutions may well necessitate migrating from older server based platforms to cloud deployed technologies, along with a much more robust set of interface options that are engaging, easily supported, and that offer an inviting user experience that will help customers, patients, and employees to overcome the challenges that social isolation have brought about.

Youngsoft and our team of IT professionals welcomes the opportunity to explore your short and long-term goals. We’ll provide you with the best advice possible, and if we agree that your requirements can effectively be addressed by our resources, we’ll work closely with your team to put a business plan in place that meets your timeline and budgetary targets.

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