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Know about Firmware Development
  • Introduction
  • Our Expertise
  • Benefits

Youngsoft offers Embedded Software Design Services for a broad range of standard RTOS platforms and micro-kernels. Solutions range from Windows based embedded OS to Linux, and encompass standard, OEM, and customized systems and boards.

Our Embedded Software Design Services will remediate various embedded system challenges such as small footprint, low power, and low failure tolerance.

M2M (machine-to-machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) are both significant, emerging technologies for today’s business and consumer markets. As these connected networks continue to develop, they’ll create new challenges for both point-to-point (M2M) and multi-point cloud-centric (IoT) communication systems. Our experienced embedded software team can help you design, develop, and deploy a solution that leverages the strengths of these modern technologies.

  • Firmware Development:
    • Board Bring up and verification
    • GUI Development
    • RTOS abstraction
    • Minimum Kernel/OAL Support
    • Hardware Abstraction Layer
    • Developing of Wireless stack
    • Porting of protocol Stack
  • Testing:
    • Test case development
    • Diagnostics SW development
    • Test script development for test automation
    • Production test suite development
    • Test results analysis and reporting
  • Application Development:
    • Embedded applications
    • UI applications
    • Media framework customization
    • Database and web-services
    • Test Framework Customization
  • Builds better and faster interfaces ensuring increased usability.
  • Expertise in developing high quality solutions in short development cycles, giving the clients the best return of investment
  • Assists client in developing reusable plan to reduce the project expenditure
  • Fast and flexible support in the event of resource bottlenecks – engage as much or as little help as you need
  • Agile development process with transparent results in each project phase
    • State-of-the-art development process
    • Use of Jira as project and task management tool,
  • Applying IT security standards
  • Project management and communication using secure communication channels etc