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Industry: Automotive Parts, Manufacturing

Client Overview

The Youngsoft client Aptiv PLC is a global technology company that is devoted to developing safe and greener solutions for the automotive sector. The company formerly known as Delphi Automotive PLC has expertise in designing and manufacturing vehicle components. The company was founded in 1994 and the automotive firm has 1.8 lakh employees at present.

The Problem Statement

  • Aptiv was eager to build a user-friendly mobile-accessible portal that could effectively function as a one-stop solution for manufacturing-related data and visualizations. They bestowed on Youngsoft to take complete responsibility for creating the mobile application theme development.
  • The client required that the mobile application should support region-wise, division-wise, and product line-wise data assembling procedures. 
  • The client also asked for a set-up that would be convenient for admin personnel with an expense and revenue tracking facility. App notification and alert system for Aptiv staff was another requirement.
  • Aptiv was furthermore intrigued to use the mobile application at the plant level to have a greater picture of the daily sales and expenses. The mobile app should be suitable for monitoring the real-time production data through any cell phone from every nook and corner of the world.
  • The mobile application should have the facility of barcode scanning and then storing the scanned barcode data from the mobile app to the web app for recovering the corresponding histories of the product parts.

Business Solution

  • The Youngsoft developers’ team showed thought leadership to accomplish the mobile application development assignment. The mobile app now has a lot of functionalities like the comparison to expected values and processing the quality yield.       
  • The Aptiv intelligence mobile app now offers a work-in-process dashboard, native iOS/Android enabled mobile app, personalized alert management system, SMS and push notification facility and regular reporting facility about plant expenses and revenue on mobile phones.
  • Youngsoft’s developers comprehended shift, cell, and area management facilities in the mobile app. The barcode scanning and part look-up, geolocation, or equipment beacon provision have also been included in the mobile application.

Technology Stack

  • Liferay DXP, Java, Oracle, Linux, Android, iOS Objective C

Core Technology Used

The Youngsoft development team opted for the Liferay DXP software to create the user-friendly mobile accessible portal. The Liferay Digital Experience Platform or DXP is an enterprise software that supports companies going through a digital transformation.

Liferay DXP software is built on a robust web application platform. The platform offers a host of features that are ideal for building a mobile portal. Liferay DXP has several exclusive features like an easy-to-use interface, a developer-friendly easy integration system, and others. Using Liferay DXP is ideal for mobile applications if we consider the security option. The high-standard encryption methods for securing websites and mobile applications were put into service by Liferay DXP.

The Positive Impact

  • The Youngsoft manufacturing intelligence team mechanized the Aptiv Mobile App for its entry point to harness various data sets available within Aptiv manufacturing to improve product quality and to ensure efficient product manufacturing procedures. 
  • The developers’ team from Youngsoft Inc. designed the application and ensured that the app must be accessible to both internal and external users of the Aptiv network.
  • The Liferay DXP-enabled mobile application has a few distinctive features like Liferay APIs (Application Programming Interface), SSO (Single Sign-On), Push notifications, and others. 
  • At present, more than 2000 users have used the mobile application. 
Key Highlights
  • Aptiv signed a long-term support agreement with Youngsoft Inc. As per the agreement, the developers’ team is providing monthly maintenance and development support to the automotive firm.
  • The Youngsoft team has ensured a proper security layer around the mobile application so access is only allowed to genuine Aptiv employees both inside and outside of their network.
  • With proper User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), it was ensured that the portal is completely responsive and the content can be seen on smartphones, desktops, and tablets.
  • All the users can have their personal experience while using the portal and the personal experience is based on their placement (plant manager, supervisor, operator, etc) and workstation (plant, work cell, etc). 
  • Aggregated data from two different data sources (SMIS – SMT Placement scrap  &  FIS – Manufacturing Process information) is available in HBase and MemSQL.  
  • The Youngsoft developers have ensured that aggregated data is available across all sites on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis on a per-site level.
  • The real-time data is available on a per-site basis and authenticated Aptiv employees are capable of comparing data across sites, part numbers, and machines. 
  • Visualization of the underlying data sources is also possible now that appear native in the portal.

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