SAP BI Assisted EMU to Seamlessly Produce Internal Reports


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Industry: Higher Education
About The Client

Eastern Michigan University (EMU) is one of the oldest universities in the US and has a rich legacy of community resourcefulness amalgamated with intensive academic assets. This rich legacy gives it the reputation of a profound and paramount learning and research institution. In addition to 150 graduate programs, the university offers over 200 undergraduate majors, minors, and certificates to more than 20000 students.

The Problem Statement
  • EMU’s requirement was to sort out all the reports and data according to the government and university’s requirements.
  • They also sought to install a range of filters while necessity-wise putting in order the data for universities and the government.
  • The university administration asked the Youngsoft development team for plug-in software that could help to create the reports and view them in a hassle-free way.
 Business Solution
  • The Youngsoft development team preserved all the data on a new database on behalf of the university administration.
  • They also created a pipeline from ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) process till the final report creation.
  • The team used the Pentaho ETL scripts for finalizing the report creation process.
  • A foundation was built for viewing numerous reports on a monthly or annual basis that analyzed the demographic data of the current workforce.
Technology Stack 

Pentaho ETL Scripts, SAP BI

Reason to Use The Technology

The Youngsoft team used the Pentaho ETL scripts, and SAP BI for arranging the data on a new database. Pentaho is the business intelligence tool utilized for providing business intelligence solutions to the university administration. The developers’ team emphasized using the Pentaho tool as it is a simple and easy-to-use tool. Pentaho also offers a single package to work on a vast amount of data.

Apart from the Pentaho data integration process, the team also applied the SAP BI to make the EMU data arrangement successful. EMU possesses a huge amount of data and SAP BI helps by cleansing and storing the raw data and by presenting it in the form of reports, tables, and charts. Now it is easy to analyze the data whenever required by the university administration.

The Positive Impact

  • A ready-to-use report obtaining structure for the university organization from a vast database.
  • The software tools along with the filters help to find any report in a fraction of a second.
  • A quick and easy procedure compared to data searching manually.

The Focus Point

  • Team Youngsoft assisted EMU with ETL data processing to put together all the data and reports.
  • The automated process created by the developers’ team facilitated a seamless way of handling all the data.
  • Digitization of data and reports was created instantly without much manual effort.
  • The university authority now has access to both students’ and employees’ data precisely.

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