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Industry: Insurance
Client Overview 

ACG Insurance has been voted as the Numero Uno (first ranked) company in 2020 in individual and also in the overall category in the Insurance Industry. They are in alliance with AAA as one of the insurance organizations, which is present across the USA. ACG is the second biggest AAA club in North America and presently has a wide reach of eleven states and the two-state territories serve more than nine million members.

The Problem Statement
  • ACG was eager to build an LMS or Learning Management System. Due to the lack of a proper learning system, the company was facing obstacles in its business expansion plans.
  • The company was forced to spend extra dollars for gamification, opulent intercommunication, and other procedures due to the lack of an LMS.
  • ACG’s main obstacle was the inclusion of a strong and quick experience with the customer that left an imprint on loyalty and a career path. With maximum client retention, the company was eager to hold its number one position in the US insurance industry.
Business Solution
  • The Youngsoft developers’ team integrated a CAP (Consistent, Availability, and Partition Resistance) system in the existing Learning Management domain. The AEM or Adobe Experience Manager supported the CAP system to work more efficiently.
  • The AEM-equipped CAP system made the task easy for ACG. The new user profiles were now gaining knowledge about the course and curriculum information directly from the organization’s Windows Network ID.
  • The Youngsoft team built the new system to provide easy access for the users to the information associated with their group, work role, and business domain.
Core Technology Used

Adobe Experience Manager or AEM was used by the Youngsoft team to develop the internal learning platform. With the help of the AEM technology, the insurance company started easily managing all the marketing content. Even the non-technical employees of ACG could easily handle the system.

The CMS or Content Management System was particularly useful for data centralization along with easy customization procedures. AEM was used as a software management tool for comprehensive content management by the insurance firm.

The Positive Impact
  • The AEM-equipped Quick Load LMS could create an extraordinary performance by taking less than 5 seconds of page-loading time with 1500 existing pages for viewers at the same time.
  • Youngsoft’s development team was able to increase the page-loading speed 3 times more than the previous state.
  • A great User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) was introduced into the online Learning Management System. It raised the quality of content higher than it was before.  
  • The LMS was created by keeping in mind the not-so-tech-savvy users and all the functionalities were kept in a simple form.
  • A sprightly setup and initiation of the Learning Management System had both granted and authorized a customer to get users to the learning platform swiftly.
Key Highlights
  • Youngsoft developers built the LMS by complying with ACG’s requirements. The Adobe Experience Manager integrated CAP played a key role in the procedure.
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) were perfectly used to raise the quality of the content.
  • AEM made the learning platform an easy navigation tool for the employees of the insurance company.
  • Effective and deft use of contemporary technology became the core of the LMS.

AEM technology helped in streamlining the website content management for a company to attain its requirements. The particular advantage that made AEM the preferred technology was its easy integration with other marketing tools, automation, scalability, and security. Youngsoft’s development team was an expert partner in implementing the AEM technology to enterprises as per their requirements.

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