Liferay DXP 7.1 Upgraded Version Enhanced ACG’s Web Portal


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Industry: Insurance 

Client Overview

The Youngsoft client ACG is a member of the AAA-affiliated insurance companies and has a nationwide presence. ACG is the second biggest AAA club in North America and presently serves more than nine million members. ACG provides the dominant services on insurance, travel, business, and finance.

The Problem Statement

  • The ACG’s Agent portal is a gateway for various information and collaboration platforms. The application was lagging in terms of the technology stack and it needed upgrading. 
  • A set of new features were also to be added at the same time to comply with the organization’s technology stack and standards.
  • The agent portal also had to be modified to improve the search functionality which would help its agents to pull customer documents based on geographical locations and permissions, with much more ease, thereby upgrading the existing Liferay 6.2 platform to Liferay 7.1.

The Business Challenges

  • Augmenting swift and prompt configurations and innovative search customization through Liferay.
  • Strengthening and increasing the accessibility to documents and data in a clustered and great conducive environment with a balanced load.

Business Solution

  • Youngsoft upgraded the existing platform of Liferay from 6.2 to Liferay 7.1, thereby adding advanced and additional features to filter the documents and content based on tags and categories with simple clicks.
  • Youngsoft ensured that the application was fully compliant with security standards and produced accurate results in endurance testing. 
  • Youngsoft also successfully deployed a disaster recovery-enabled clustered, load-balanced application.
  • Youngsoft also helped in modifying the functionality so that the agents could pull out documents more proficiently and with simplicity, based on permissions and geographical locations.
  • Youngsoft ensured to provide enhanced components in the platform to narrow down search results. They also integrated Liferay with IBM Security Access Manager and LDAP with the best performance.

Technology Stack

  • Liferay DXP 7.1

Core Technology Used

The Youngsoft development team upgraded the Liferay version from 6.2 to 7.1 to enhance the User Experience and manage websites while saving time. The Liferay DXP 7.1 version empowered the web developers to develop the website in the way they thought about it.

The Liferay DXP 7.1 is inserted with the latest features that provided the company ACG with strong website administering capabilities. The upgraded Liferay software version is a great way to a website’s performance measurement also as it provides key performance statistics for all web pages and applications. 

The Positive Impact

  • Huge benefit in terms of state-wise content. Smart edits of the Marketing and Advertising page and simplified authoring of campaigns and their details and also flagging favorite documents from Product and Marketing.
  • Customized rules for any search with access to information of users based on their profiles.
  • Best performing and highly secure applications.
  • Integration with various applications and multiple connectivities with various servers and different Hub Sites.
Key Highlights
  • Upgradation of Liferay version from 6.2 to Liferay 7.1 and integration with IBM Security Manager and hosting multiple Hub sites with AAA connectivity.
  • High Availability and Clustered Application.

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