Bloomreach (Hippo CMS) Boosted Kohler’s Productivity and Revenue


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Industry: Retail 

Client Overview 

Kohler Inc. is one of the leading distributors of Bath and Kitchen fixtures globally. Kohler started in 1873 and is one of the few manufacturers in the U.S. that has a long history of translating its core values into action, ensuring consistency throughout the organization in everything it does. Kohler has impressed customers with their unique products, and in the 1960s, rolled out a host of products in bold new colors and shapes, that forever changed the face of the American kitchen and bath fixtures.

The Problem Statement
  • Kohler wanted to attract the Indian clientele by updating its India website. The challenge was to increase revenue growth, and sales parameters, by digitizing the customer experience.
  • The company wanted the website to be extremely user-friendly so that customers could easily navigate to locate the perfect product for their needs.
  • Kohler was determined that the tech partner would have to be knowledgeable in utilizing Bloomreach Experience Manager (Hippo CMS).
 Business Solution
  • The Youngsoft development team built a results-oriented solution that could fulfill all of Kohler’s requirements.
  • Youngsoft planned a unified integrated approach for all the digital campaigns by making a comprehensive and cohesive linking structure within the Kohler India website.
  • The development team created a plan for updating content on various Social Media platforms to convey a consistent communications strategy. 

Technology Stack

 Bloomreach Experience Manager (Hippo CMS)

Core Technology Used

The Kohler India management was eager to have a development team with expertise in working with the Bloomreach Experience Manager (Hippo CMS). The benefit of using the software is it enables the users to create content for a good range of channels. It also facilitates the users to create a personalized approach for each customer.

The Youngsoft development team applied the technology for delivering personalized content to each of the Kohler India website visitors. Using the Bloomreach Experience Manage Open Source technique means it helped Kohler India’s management to understand the visitors’ behavioral patterns. The technology has provided them with a great source of data as well.

The Positive Impact
  • Youngsoft provided a method to increase the traffic on the Client’s India website, which in turn facilitated increased productivity and revenue growth.
  • Youngsoft’s UI/UX expertise helped Kohler to provide a much more robust customer experience.
  • The new architecture supported the ability to process a high number of orders and requests, with no portal latency.
  • Improved the ranking in the top 50 upwards and established thought leadership by page optimization.
  • For easy management, Bloomreach was used, which contains both a frontend and a backend administration tool.
  • A creative blog was incorporated to engage the user’s home page activity.

The Focus Point

  • Youngsoft helped Kohler to create a ‘unified and completely integrated approach for all future digital campaigns by crafting a comprehensive and cohesive linking methodology, designed to simultaneously update content on social media, digital content, and the site itself.
  • The new portal resulted in a dramatic increase in the traffic to the Kohler India Website.
  • The Youngsoft team was awarded complete ownership of the website development process, thereby allowing Kohler to continue to concentrate its valuable resources on other important company goals.

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