Is Professional Staffing the Need of the Hour in the Post-COVID World?

January 18, 2023by manisha

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During the COVID and post-COVID eras, the global economy has struggled to recover. To manage the after-effects of the pandemic, most companies are trying to revise their budget stipulated for different operational matters. Companies are considering Professional staffing to cut costs and meet project requirements at the same time.

What is professional staffing all about?

In the post-COVID phase, it has become a normal practice for companies to engage a third-party staffing service provider to meet the project requirement instead of depending entirely on the internally recruited team. Professional staffing can lessen the pressure and burden on internal employees while seamlessly filling the project requirements.

How is professional staffing transforming organizations?

A quality professional staffing agency can scale your business in a very short period. The IT staffing solution comes up with a good number of benefits as follows.

 1. Full authority & control

Business organizations who are hiring a candidate from an IT staffing agency receive complete authority on the project. You cannot always expect to have full authority and control over your project when you are outsourcing the entire IT project to a third party. Only professional staffing can provide you with full authority and control of your project and it permits you to bring on IT professionals for both short-term and long-term projects.

 2. Utilization of top talent

While COVID-19 has shrunk the market, it has become competitive as well. Hiring the right people with the right skill set has become of utmost importance. IT staffing can help you to work with the right kind of professional people you need at that moment. Professional staffing offers the advantage of getting the right candidate quickly, without wasting time on interviewing, evaluating, and training candidates.

 3. Cost resilience strategy

Many business organizations are looking at IT staffing solutions as a cost resilience strategy because internally recruited teams may cost them a great amount. We all know, running a business or an office requires a good investment. From employees’ salaries to employee training; a business organization has to spend a good amount of money every month and year. By using a professional staffing solution, you can save 20% to 30% of your operational costs and invest that money to earn more profits.

4. Expand your business globally

Expanding your business in new areas can be made easier with IT staffing and outsourcing solutions. Hiring new candidates on a contract basis will be easier for you as a quick solution rather than shifting your entire team to the office in the new locality.  

5. Technical enrichment

COVID has both positive and negative aspects from an IT staffing perspective. The experienced candidates whom you will hire on both short and long-term basis will bring a certain level of experience with them. It will eventually enrich the company with new technologies. In the future, it will be an advantage for these business organizations.  

These are the five benefits of professional staffing you can have not only in the COVID-surrounded time but its aftermath also.

Is Professional Staffing limited to cost reduction only?

A common myth runs around the business arena that staffing solutions taken from an outsource staffing company are meant to be only reducing expenses and costs. In the actual sense, it can bring innovative thinking to your company and access new skill sets that can help your company in the long run. Though many companies still believe in hiring experts for only the non-core part of the project, actually the IT professionals from staffing agencies help to boost the operational capability of a company with their experience and expertise. Once the project is over, the resource returns to the parent company hence no additional cost to the company post-project delivery.

Why choose Youngsoft as your trusted staffing partner?

Professional  staffing solutions have become the norm in the industry. It is not dependent on pandemics or such a situation anymore. According to experts, even 10 years later IT staffing solutions will be as effective as they are now. What you need is a trusted staffing solution partner who can help you with skilled IT professionals to meet your project requirements. Some key technologies where Youngsoft can help with professional staffing are AEM (Adobe Experience Manager), Liferay, Java, Angular and React.

Youngsoft’s journey begins as an outsource staffing company from understanding the client’s IT environment well to engaging the best-suited experts to the clients. We always provide on-site support and technical escalation support to ease the transition whenever necessary as a part of its IT staffing and outsourcing solution.


Indeed, the sudden COVID-19 pandemic has shaken many companies from their core within a short period. After scrutinizing the present scenario, many companies have taken the right decision to go with the staffing solution to reduce expenses and not compromise on productivity as well as efficiency levels.

Being an expert in IT staffing solutions, Youngsoft can help with managing your project, adding resources to the development team, and providing subject matter experts to the team as well. With highly skilled IT professionals like Business Analysts, Senior Project Managers, Senior Software Developers, Senior Test Engineers and others, Youngsoft can help you in almost every industry with the right professional staffing services.

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Youngsoft India Pvt. Ltd. is an affiliate of Youngsoft Inc. that offers a full-service IT technology and consulting solution. Based in Hyderabad, India and together with Youngsoft Inc., we offer 24/7 support and solutions to clients across the globe.

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