How Digital Asset Management and other AEM features are benefiting Marketers

January 27, 2023by manisha

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Business organizations, especially marketers have a general inclination to spend a good amount of money on Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms that enables them to manage and distribute digital assets on websites. With the help of the DAM platform, marketers can manage, store, publish, and access digital assets like images, videos, and documents and utilize them for web, print, and digital distribution.

Why do Marketers struggle without a DAM?

Without DAM, tracking a missing digital asset turns out to be a complicated task for marketers. The Digital Asset Management system of AEM helps them to find out the asset immediately irrespective of where it is located in the repository.

DAM supports marketers in the:

  • Delivering a personalized and consistent experience to customers
  • Showcasing creativity with the right kind of assets
  • Responding quickly and changing content assets as per requirement
  • Accessing content from anywhere across the globe 
  • Keeping all assets safe and secure and deploying across all channels

Be it meeting with clients, or a discussion with the top management; accessing your digital assets at the proper time becomes simple with the Digital Asset Management feature of AEM.

Why is AEM’s DAM preferred by marketers?

The reason marketers prefer AEM’s features like the DAM is it helps them to integrate all the digital assets in Adobe’s web content management system. It can catalog and manage video files, music files, and images in respective formats, and thus, the asset management solution integrates feature-rich media into your web experience.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets or AEM Assets the official name of AEM’s DAM feature is the next-generation cloud-native digital asset management system dedicated to meeting content needs. AEM Assets let marketers seamlessly create and manage thousands of assets along with delivering and optimizing the personalized experience at scale.

Unique Features of AEM Assets

While digital assets tend to disappear into the depth of the repository which turns problematic for marketers to find and use them again as it stores the content in an isolated system. The AEM’s Digital Asset Management system lets you find, edit, manage, and deliver assets by using a single platform.

Why should marketers use AEM Assets?

To help in:

  • Transforming the traditional DAM of AEM into a dynamic content engine.
  • Streamlining creative workflows and automating the experience delivery at scale with AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • Providing creative, marketing, and IT teams the opportunity to collaborate on highly customized experience projects.
  • Scaling automatically to meet traffic and processing as per demands so that both applications and experiences remain responsive to changes.

AEM Assets helps marketers to manage a high volume of assets in a single cloud-based storing system which can be continuously innovated while ensuring timely and relevant customer experience.

With support from Adobe, the Digital Asset Management system of AEM has come up with new enhanced features.

The Adobe enhancements incorporated in the AEM DAM system

By keeping in mind today’s content needs; Adobe functionalities have been incorporated in AEM Assets to help the marketers produce and distribute content at scale, and that too cost-effectively in the AEM website

Below are some of these upgrades.

  • More Efficiency in Asset Management 

AEM has upgraded its Digital Asset Management system with new marketing features for the sake of streamlining the workflow and increasing the efficiency level. For example, editing, annotating, and publishing the assets can be kept limited to a certain number of users now. This limited user feature can ensure there won’t be multiple versions of an asset in circulation.

  • Streamlined Asset Distribution 

Adobe’s Brand portal feature supports marketers with a valuable functionality that is sharing digital assets with channel partners and external teams. The marketers are now not only able to streamline the digital assets but the authorized users can also contribute to it. This latest streamlined asset distribution feature supports the marketing team in increasing the content velocity so that it can positively impact customer experience.

  • Support to the Sales Team   

 With the latest upgrades in the Digital Asset Management system in AEM, the marketing team is now capable of distributing content to the sales team. After receiving the assets from the marketing team, the sales team can then convert them into sales material and present them to the prospects and clients.

  • 360-degree videos

The Digital Asset Management system in AEM now supports 360-degree videos with the Showpad feature from Adobe. The marketing team can now tag, search, and discover these assets using different features like panoramic viewers for images and views for 360-degree videos. The 360-degree video format can deliver a fully immersive video experience to both desktop and mobile devices that can help in improving brand engagement and awareness.

  • Smart cropping and tagging videos

The Adobe Sensei feature allows the marketing team to go for smart video asset management with two exclusive features as follows.

    • Smart Crop – The Smart Crop feature of Adobe Sensei automatically crops and resizes any video or image to make it fit for every platform without hampering the focal point of the visual assets. 
    • Smart Tags – The Smart Tags feature of Adobe Sensei helps in analyzing videos and automatically creating tags. Smart Tags are a great feature for adding metadata efficiently. The Smart Tags feature helps in easily finding and searching the videos in a repository. 

All these five Adobe-supported enhancements are truly supportive to marketers for creating a centralized hub and locating the assets from there seamlessly.

What are the other AEM features helping marketers?

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) feature of AEM is not the only one that is supporting marketers.  

AEM contains multiple other features that are helpful for marketing.

  • AEM Project Dashboard

The AEM Project Dashboard gives editors the opportunity of managing projects from a centralized environment. While working from a centralized environment, the Project Dashboard facilitates the editors to add several types of information to their projects. 

  • Web Content Modification

The web content modification facility in AEM solves the editors’ problem of creating and managing the webpages in a minute while earlier it used to take hours. The preview capabilities help the editors regarding how the content will be represented without publishing it. 

  • Integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud 

Other than creating a customer experience, marketers need to observe analytics, target specified user groups and even create campaigns. To help with these demands, AEM has the functionality of integration with other Adobe products such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, or Adobe Campaign. Quick and easy integrations with these products and tools, make AEM an indispensable tool for marketers.      

Other than DAM (Digital Asset Management), these are the other AEM features that are meant to make the workflow easy for marketers.


Built for today’s content needs, the Adobe Experience Manager Assets can let you easily manage thousands of assets for creating, managing, delivering, and optimizing personalized experiences at scale in AEM sites

AEM Asset is a digital asset management feature that is leveraged by business organizations by enterprise-wide sharing and distribution of key digital assets such as images, graphics, audio, video, and documents thus ensuring brand consistency.  

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