10 Liferay DXP Features for Digital Transformation

September 28, 2022by manisha

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The Liferay DXP (Digital Experience Platform) is an enterprise software meant for assisting companies with connected digital experiences across multiple touch points. Liferay DXP can be seamlessly integrated with your business to build a customized solution to meet your digital transformation needs.

What is Digital Transformation?  

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of business and organization that ultimately changes how you operate your business while creating new business opportunities.

Core benefits of Digital Transformation:

  • Improvement in business productivity and operational efficiency
  • Steady growth in multiple revenue channels
  • Empowered decision-making with accurate data analysis

In today’s age, digital transformation is not a luxurious option anymore, it has turned into a necessity for companies to compete in the market. According to Gartner, 87% of senior business leaders said digital transformation is a company priority and 79% of corporate strategists said they are digitally reinventing their business. These statements clearly state the need for digital transformation in the corporate world in today’s age.

Why Do You Need Liferay DXP for Digital Transformation?

Liferay DXP offers the most robust and flexible ways to provide the finest quality digital experience. Being open source in nature, development tasks can be followed in real-time, source code is made available, and a diverse global community of developers can be asked to contribute to the project. Overall Liferay DXP, out of the box, is bundled with hundreds of features that boost experience management and content management for the business teams and content authors.

The Top 10 Features of Liferay DXP

Liferay DXP comes up with a complete solution that can lead to the digital success of your organization. These ten points described below clearly state why the DXP solution of Liferay software is best for digital transformation.

  • Omnichannel Experience: The Liferay DXP is a fully integrated software platform that can provide a seamless digital experience across multiple channels and devices like Social Media platforms, apps, mobile devices, PCs, IoT devices, etc. With Liferay DXP, organizations do not have to rely on separate tools for content management and creating user journeys, the integrated Liferay DXP is the best option for businesses to control the omnichannel user experience.
  • Brand Identity Maintenance: Maintaining a unified Brand Identity is important for every business firm. While an isolated Content Management System (CMS) cannot help a business firm by creating coordination between different teams in an organization, Liferay with its structured Content Management Capabilities helps to maintain a coherent digital identity in front of the clients across multiple touchpoints.
  • Personalized Customers’ Journey: Liferay DXP assists businesses with a clear understanding of the customers’ journey that starts from search data, their product or service of interest, preferred channels, favorable payment methods, etc. Business groups can access the user data of all stages of user experience from the unified database by using the Liferay DXP platform. Liferay DXP allows businesses to deploy self-service portals, smart product suggestions, and personalized online experiences across multiple channels to understand customers’ personalized journeys.
  • Open-ended Architecture: The prime advantage of the Liferay DXP cloud’s open-ended architecture is that business organizations have to spend less time training the staff on handling specific aspects of the Liferay DXP platform. For instance, the staff of a business organization can handle advanced content management and publishing tasks without having in-depth knowledge of coding. The open-ended architecture of Liferay DXP helps companies to get their staff trained in less time.
  • Remote Work Optimization: When the pandemic forced organizations to switch to remote work from traditional methods, the Liferay Digital Experience Platform turned out to be the perfect option for remote work arrangements. The cloud-based Liferay DXP platform has a good number of useful features like real-time monitoring of live sessions, automatic backups, high-level access control features, real-time alerts, and user and password management for a safe remote work environment.
  • Liferay Modular Architecture: With the expansion of business, the modularity of the Liferay framework enables you to select the features you want and develop innovative applications as well. As a user, you can add new modules and combine them with the existing modules to handle complex tasks. Liferay DXP allows you to do two things simultaneously; one is running your business on a stable platform that allows you to handle all the digital experience needs and the other one is experimenting with the modules at the same time for future use.
  • Advanced Audience Segmentation: Liferay DXP assists businesses with advanced levels of audience segmentation. Liferay DXP features like custom fields of the user profile, user language, user’s IP address, sign-up date, and others can help you with advanced levels of audience segmentation.
  • Positive Digital Experience: Liferay Digital Experience Platform has all the means and tools to provide positive digital experiences to clients. Nowadays, a client can contact a business through multiple touchpoints like a business website, Ecommerce website, mobile apps, Social Media, etc. The Liferay DXP analytics tools can deliver deep insights into user behavior, preference, and expectations that are ultimately beneficial for businesses.
  • Dynamic Advance Forms: Liferay DXP allows the publishing of dynamic advance forms. These Liferay Forms can be several pages and can be easily integrated with Liferay’s workflow. These forms have a multi-column layout and enable performance at any level of Liferay customization fulfilling all the customer requirements regardless of the complexity.
  • Connectivity Assistance: Liferay DXP provides you with high-quality connectivity assistance. For example, you can connect your DMS (Document Management System) flawlessly with Liferay Analytics Cloud, Liferay Commerce, and other software. Providing a tailored digital experience to every customer is another Liferay DXP feature that makes it possible to deliver content and relevant functionality in customized ways.

With these certified features, Liferay DXP can assist you in driving digital transformation.


Digital transformation is bound to change the way organizations have performed till now. Liferay DXP has the potential to improve customer experience and meet the enterprise content requirements of modern enterprises. Be it Web Experience Management, Document Management, or collaboration; Liferay DXP is well-equipped with various smart features. It can transform the way businesses operate and interact with customers. Being an experienced Liferay service provider, we can help you bring innovation and uniqueness to the way digital media has been managed in your organization to date.

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