Youngsoft India Celebrates 1st Annual Day

May 18, 2023by manisha

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Glimpses of what happened at Youngsoft India's annual day Youphoria 2023 event

Youngsoft India celebrated its 1st Annual Day, Youphoria 2023, on May 6, 2023, in Hyderabad. The event was attended by Mr. Rupesh Srivastava, President & CEO, of Youngsoft, Mr. Balesh Lakshminarayanan, CEO – Co-founder at ABSYZ, and Mr. Anshul Jain, Co-founder at ABSYZ.

From Youngsoft India’s leadership team, Mr. Sushant Saurav, CEO of Youngsoft India; Mr. Mayank Agrawal, Senior Vice President-Technology; Mr. Vipul Dave, Vice President-Technology; Mr. Pranay Mathur, Senior Project Manager; Mr. Sridhar Maddi, Senior Project Manager; Ms. Sohini Basu Thakur, Director – Marketing & Branding; Ms. Sireesha Gajula, Head-HR & Administration; Mr. Ajit Singh, Senior Program Manager; and Mr. Anshuman Singh, Director of Sales was present at the event.

The event was organized by the HR and Admin team of Youngsoft India and supported by the Marketing & Branding team. The teams worked together to select the name of the event, Youphoria, and to create a mascot, Youva, the JellyFish. Youva was chosen as the mascot because jellyfish are immortal, unique, and resilient, and symbolize collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork.

The Marketing and Branding team’s designers deserve special mention for transforming Youva from an idea to an object that can converse and express its thoughts to the world.

From the inception of Youva, the CEO of Youngsoft India Mr. Sushant Saurav was excited to advance further with Youngsoft India’s Brand Ambassador and the youngest member. 

Youngsoft India’s developers did a remarkable job by transforming Youva into an interactive AI (Artificial Intelligence) model with ChatGPT, Face Recognition API, Speech Synthesis (converting text to speech), and React Speech Synchronization (converting speech to text) technology. At the event, Youva was capable of face recognition, and replying to different queries. In the event, Youva surprised Mr. Rupesh Srivastava by interacting with him and providing him with a lot of information.

The event started with Mr. Rupesh Srivastava lighting the lamp. The emcees, Ms. Sohini Basu Thakur and Ms. Sireesha Gajula, then welcomed the guests and introduced Youva. Youva surprised everyone by showcasing its rapping capability.

The event continued with cultural performances, including dance (the bhangra performance must get a special mention), a skit, a magic show, and medley singing. A number of awards were also presented to outstanding performers; these are Rising Star, Ice Breaker, Rockstar Rookie, Sidekick Salute, Ace of Innovation, Customer Superstar, Leading Light, Super Squad, Hall of Fame, and CEO Choice awards. To ensure the event is no less creative and amusing for the Youngsoft India employees, Photo Booth, Mirror Photo Booth, and 360-degree Photo Booth Machine were placed at the venue. The event ended with a delicious meal, beverages, and a live DJ show.

The Youphoria 2023 celebration was a huge success. It was a day of fun, excitement, and recognition for the employees of Youngsoft India. The event left everyone with some unforgettable memories while raising their expectations for Youphoria 2024.

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