Which is Better for You: Permanent Hiring vs. Staffing Solution?

May 8, 2023by manisha

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Be it permanent hiring or staffing solutions, each of them has its own merits and demerits. While permanent hiring gives employers the option of a resource having specialized skill sets meeting stable operational needs. Professional staffing solutions come up with features like flexibility where businesses can hire specialists from a large talent pool.

In contrast to permanent employees who bring out their best performance to benefit the company, temporary staffing solutions enable an organization to fulfill its short-term needs sustainably and at a cost-effective rate.

Let’s explore the prospective advantages of both permanent and staffing modes of recruitment to know about them in detail.

Positive aspects of permanent employment

The permanent employees work for an employer based on direct payroll. Permanent employees receive benefits along with salary directly from the employer.

Advantages for business organizations:

  • Ensures optimal employee productivity due to long-term commitment
  • Ensures profitability by training employees specifically for the company

Positive aspects of staffing solution

The staffers who are recruited from staffing agencies are usually hired for short-term projects based on pre-agreed payment policies.

Advantages for business organizations:

  • Provides specialized skills to meet the company’s short-term needs
  • Provides a cost-effective way of hiring from a company’s perspective

Apart from these potential advantages, both modes of recruitment have their share of drawbacks as well. Permanent hiring requires additional costs in the form of benefits, training, resources, office space, and others. Whereas temporary staff might feel they are treated differently from permanent employees. 

Now that we know these pros and cons, let’s see what’s new in the staffing industry.

Trends Dominating the staffing industry in 2023

Let’s look at what the staffing industry trends are prevailing in 2023.  

The staffing industry is going to experience some unforeseen events in 2023. While permanent employees are demanding for legalization of moonlighting, the recession is looming, and companies are facing issues like talent shortage.

According to experts, the hybrid work culture is going to stay and staffing solutions including IT staffing can support companies in their business progression as well.

  • COVID & post-COVID work culture 

The world has been experiencing a major transformation in the work culture from the pre-COVID to the post-COVID era. While remote working has become a common term for all; employees are also demanding flexibility in the job field with more focus on part-time or temporary working. 

Post-pandemic; industries like Healthcare and Ecommerce have seen a sudden surge in their business and professional staffing is supporting these industries to fulfill their immediate resource needs. 

  • Filling-up hiring needs

In the post-COVID period, businesses are no longer willing to go through long and complicated hiring processes for short-term projects. Instead, they are focusing more on hiring required talents from staffing service providers. This is a win-win condition for businesses to fulfill their needs immediately and as per requirement.  

  • Lessening of financial risk

Professionals who have come from staffing agencies mitigate the financial risk of the company they are working for. While hiring permanent staff, a company has to provide perks like different retirement benefits other than salary to the respective staff. 

You do not have to provide any kind of employee benefits to the professionals who are hired from staffing agencies, as they are not on your direct payroll.  

Hence, these are the three trends currently gaining popularity in the arena of professional staffing.

Two staffing solution features can’t be expected from a permanent hiring process 

Along with the staffing industry trends described above, it has two more exclusive features; offshore development center and scale-up and scale-down that will never be available with the permanent staffing solution.    

Offshore Development Center – Its benefits to the businesses

An offshore development center usually functions as an extension of a company’s in-house development team. It is beneficial for both start-ups and large conglomerates. The offshore development team has given a new trajectory to the staffing solution e.g. it helps in software development by reducing the time-to-market cycle for the company. 

A dedicated offshore development center can work 24/7 round-the-clock for accelerating the development process. A dedicated offshore development center has facilities like a planned infrastructure set-up and seamless business operations facility that can reduce the development cost without compromising on high quality.  

The advantages of the offshore development center

Cost efficient


Reduce direct & indirect costs e.g. infrastructure, training, equipment, and training.

Tailored product

Localized product

Reach the overseas market seamlessly with the offshore development infrastructure with benefits like localized products.



Set up in different regions and countries to maintain the confidentiality that you cannot expect while work is going on the same office floor.

These are the three benefits that you can expect to receive from an offshore development center that comes under staffing solution.

Scale up & Scale down – Its benefits to the businesses

Scaling up or scaling down resources is part of a temporary staffing solution that allows business owners and managers the flexibility to adjust the number of employees as per their requirements.  

With the flexibility of scaling up and down resources, businesses get the benefits of reduced operational costs, access to a vast pool of talent, increased productivity, and other capabilities.

The advantages of scale up & scale down of resources

Reaching Milestone

Reaching your milestone

Every business proceeds by keeping in mind a certain number of customers and the amount of revenue they have to achieve at the end of each fiscal year. Scaling up and down of resources helps in achieving the milestone for the businesses by curtailing the cost and keeping the revenue intact.

Maximum output

Optimized productivity

The resources from staffing solution agencies are usually well-experienced and highly professional. You can expect an optimized production procedure after recruiting them.



Staffing solution provides businesses with the facility of hiring for short-term projects without making a long-term commitment. This facilitates businesses to get work done without incurring any fixed expenditure of resources.

These benefits can be availed only if you hire resources from staffing agencies instead of hiring them permanently.


Staffing solutions provide organizations with flexibility and agility in the post-pandemic business ecosystem. Without long-term commitments, they can meet their requirements.

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