Why Trust AEM for Enterprise Usage rather than Traditional CMS?

December 26, 2022by manisha

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Do you know Gartner has chosen Adobe as the leader in Digital Experience domains for the fifth consecutive year? This is because solutions like Adobe Experience Manager can reduce the reliance on front-end developers while managing and publishing content very quickly for both large and small-scale organizations. 

Why do all big companies use AEM?

A good number of big companies use AEM nowadays, for example, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Salesforce, Icici Bank, American Express, Samsung, HP, and others. According to BuiltWith, 56% of Adobe Experience Manager worldwide customers are located in the US, 9% of AEM users are located in Germany, and the rest of 35% are from other countries.  According to Experience Management Platform experts, AEM is way ahead of other Experience Management Platforms.

What makes AEM such an efficient Experience Management tool?

Before going deeper into this topic, it is necessary to acquire knowledge about AEM first. AEM or Adobe Experience Manager is an Experience Management Platform that effortlessly allows Digital Asset Management with document management solutions, community portals, and managing user-generated content. The Site, Asset, Mobile, Forms, and Community are the five primary modules of AEM. All these modules together help AEM to be a great Experience Management Platform tool.   

7 AEM Features that make it the best Experience Management Platform

AEM as an Experience Management Platform allows effortless and dynamic digital asset management, assists the creative teams to work together from different locations and deliver content to users across various channels. 

AEM: best Experience Management Platform

The following 7 features make AEM the best Experience Management Platform: 

1. Easy Integration

Enterprises use a good number of marketing tools and technologies that need to be integrated with others. AEM Experience Management Platform can be easily integrated with other Adobe products like Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and many more. The easy integration with other Adobe tools is one of the primary reasons the AEM Experience Management Platform is better than others.

2. Automation of Metadata

AEM is ideal for big enterprises while these large-size enterprises tend to publish a good amount of content. To boost SEO, this large amount of content needs to be used with metadata and tags. Processing metadata and tags for such a large amount of content is time-consuming, but AEM can automatically detect content and assign the appropriate metadata and tags, saving the enterprise valuable time.  

3. Centralized Way of Working 

There is no substitute for Adobe AEM as an Experience Management Platform working for multinational companies where multilingual languages, locations, and websites are the common features of global conglomerates. Adobe AEM Experience Management Platform provides users with centralized Digital Asset Management storage and a creative dashboard that allows the users to store and manage multi-channel and multilingual assets from a centralized location, which helps the users to save money and time.  

4. Efficient Workflow Management

The workflow of Content Management in larger organizations remains huge. Larger corporations usually have a diverse range of audiences due to their worldwide customers. AEM Experience Management Platform helps with better workflow management by allocating the necessary tasks to the right individual.

5. Media Conversion and Video Management

AEM can automatically convert your files into different formats with the purpose of engaging the audience through a multichannel approach  To drive engagement and get hold of customers’ attention, Adobe Web Experience Management Platform can help you to showcase videos across multiple screens, which can ultimately help you with gaining brand loyalty.

6. Assistance for Developers

As AEM runs on Java, developers are hailing it as one of the best programming languages to be used for Experience Management Platforms. AEM is built in such a way that it is easy for developers to test the program before deployment.

7. Compatibility with Adobe Commerce

To provide the B2B and B2C Ecommerce merchants with a seamless business experience, Adobe is focused on creating an integration between AEM and Adobe Commerce or Magento. To experience the best of commerce, content, and marketing capabilities; AEM and Adobe Commerce (previously named Magento) prove to be the ideal combination. 

These are the seven primary advantages of obtaining AEM. There are a lot of other AEM features capable of outplaying the competitors.

Comparison between AEM and traditional Content Management Systems

These seven points can help you to understand why AEM is far ahead of traditional Content Management Systems.

Attributes AEM 

Traditional CMS

Content Management System   AEM has personalization and analytics features. Traditional CMS lacks personalization.
Enterprise Friendly AEM is a perfectly friendly tool for enterprise users. Enterprise users may face a few technical snags while using traditional CMS. 
System Fitting AEM can be deployed in any operating system within a minute. Installing, maintaining, and upgrading traditional CMS into your system is a complex task.
Security & Scalability AEM is highly secure and scalable. Traditional CMS is not soundly secure and scalable.
Development Speed AEM can execute the process with faster implementation speed.  The implementation speed of traditional CMS is slow compared to AEM.
Cost License cost may seem high but it can provide you with a good number of benefits compared to traditional CMS. Traditional CMS does not come with such a good number of benefits though having a minimal license cost. 
Service Ranges AEM offers superior quality services ranges with good backup, code management, cloud service, and others.  Traditional CMS cannot provide you with such quality service ranges as AEM. 


AEM has topped the list of many researchers that has proven its efficiency as the best Experience Management Platform. Be it creating a personal or local experience for a wide range of customers, there is no substitute for Adobe Experience Management Platform. For improving manageability and cost efficiency in enterprises, AEM can serve you in the best way possible.

Being a trusted solution partner of AEM, we can help you with organizing and managing the delivery of creative assets and content across your multiple digital marketing channels. With our AEM services, you will be able to deliver enriching and relevant experiences to customers.

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