How is AEM Technology Benefiting Organizations Worldwide?

September 8, 2022by manisha

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Did you know? A Harvard Study has found that 73% of shoppers like to engage with a brand across multiple channels. The more intriguing fact is customers who go through omnichannel experience usually spend 4% more than single-channel users. AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) can help you if you are facing difficulties to create omnichannel experiences for your customers. 

AEM can function as a CMS (Content Management Solution), DAM (Digital Asset Management), and a cloud service to ensure both B2B and B2C companies’ marketing material is relevant for creating a personalized and consistent experience. The tool can help you to control and optimize digital media across several platforms.

Reasons Why Organizations Should Consider Implementing AEM  

AEM or Adobe Experience Manager helps to manage a website’s assets so that you can store, manage, and find these assets quickly. Without any technical hurdles, you will be able to deliver a remarkable digital experience for the clients. 

These eight factors described below can help you to know about the best AEM features and understand the reasons why AEM was named the Leader in the 2021 Gartner Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) Magic Quadrant.

  • Content Management System 

AEM helps you to easily manage your content and assets across all devices and channels. With the rise of the company’s content volume, it becomes necessary to provide personalized information and optimized search results to each client. AEM can help you with creating websites and landing pages along with responsive web experiences and pre-built templates.

  • Seamless integration with Adobe tools 

The Adobe CMS (Content Management Solutions) is known for seamlessly integrating with the other Adobe Products, ie. Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, and others. The integration can support you in delivering the finest B2B and B2C shopping experience.

  • Centralized location

Centralized Digital Asset Management (DAM) storage is the intriguing feature of AEM. The feature is supportive when you are running a multilingual website. With centralized Digital Asset Management (DAM), you can manage projects and save shared resources together. You will be capable of saving both your time and money with this particular AEM feature. 

  • Scalability and Security

AEM can seamlessly work with multiple sites along with the expansion of the company. AEM offers multi-device and multi-platform capabilities to make global operations easier. AEM also provides organizations with secure and reliable solutions to protect the organizations’ important data and privacy.   

  • Project Dashboard

Adobe AEM has a Project Dashboard facility for seamlessly managing projects. It is a data-driven tool for indicating a project’s key performance with the help of metrics. The dashboard provides various reports based on configurations that enable the business team to know page-wise performance, section-wise performance and various such web analytics like views visits. 

  • AEM Cloud Service 

AEM can function as a cloud service to ensure your organization is at par with global standards and can meet the customers’ expectations. With AEM cloud, you can take advantage of all the latest cloud-based features, including never having downtime and having your website always available. As a result of the license model, you will only pay for what you use, thus lowering the cost of ownership. Consequently, you will always use the latest version of AEM Sites, Assets, etc. 

  • Digital Enrolment and Forms

The Digital Enrolment and Adobe Experience Manager Forms are supportive of two-way data exchange flawlessly. It is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool. You can put customer data directly into your forms for streamlining your enrollment process. 

  • Out-of-The-Box Technology  

AEM’s supportive Out-of-The-Box technology makes it easy for authors to build pages. Developers can increase productivity and save time by creating customized texts or image components with the help of Out-of-The-Box components.

While in an ever-changing world, where both B2B and B2C companies need to keep their marketing materials relevant for providing omnichannel and personalized experiences, AEM with these relevant features can help you to overcome all your challenges that could create a barrier in your path.

How is AEM Cloud going to support your organization?

Adobe with its AEM Enterprise CMS functionality is aiming to move toward the cloud ecosystem. The major benefit that any organization may receive from AEM Cloud services is the reduction in operational cost as the AEM cloud platform can take care of the auto-scaling, and security and thus it is going to reduce your dependency on the IT team and hosting partner as well.

With AEM Cloud, you will own a cloud solution for experience management activities within your organization. Additionally, the CMS (Content Management Solution) will always be equipped with the latest AEM Cloud security features and retain a low cost of ownership. 

The AEM Cloud is one of the finest systems to support organizations to handle all the content and digital assets with ease. 


You can trust AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) as it is a perfect all-in-one platform to manage your business’s online identity. AEM not only works as a digital platform but also paves way for you to customize your brand. With its enterprise content management system, AEM helps in running thousands of websites worldwide. For both individual users and enterprise users, AEM can exceptionally support managing marketing content and assets. It can create customized digital experiences for individuals and also enable enterprises to be more competitive on the web by creating integrated digital content management. These multiple positive aspects of AEM are the reason why enterprises are choosing AEM over other software tools.

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