Technical Overview of the Latest AEM Version 6.5

February 14, 2023by manisha

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Did you know that according to Adobe, AEM 6.5, which is the latest version of AEM, has gone through a massive 23 iterations of bug fixing and quality assurance process? Yes! The intention of bringing in these enhancements in AEM is none other than to support you with a robust infrastructure that can cater to a better customer experience on your customers on behalf of you.

What are the Unique Features of AEM 6.5?

The latest version of Adobe Experience Manager consists of a lot of quality features that can provide personalized experiences to your customers in more than one way. 

Here are the top five distinctive features:

Distinctive AEM 6.5 features

  • Built on firm foundations

Java content repository and OSGI-based framework create the base for the latest AEM version. AEM 6.5 supports Java 11 which is the second LTS (Long Term Support) release after Java 8. Java 11 has standardized the Http Client API which is designed to overall improve the website performance and receive responses from the server as well.

  • Better User Interface  

Providing seamless experiences has always been Adobe’s priority.  This is the reason several enhancements have been included in the latest AEM version to ensure better User Experiences. 

The enhancements include:

    • A new workflow status is included in ‘Column Views’ for pages and status
    • A ‘Select All’ section that will ensure all pages or all assets are in the same folder
    • A new User Interface has been installed for permission management 
  • SPA (Single Page Application) Editor

This particular AEM 6.5 feature has made it easy for developers to build websites easily by using the SPA Framework. When your website requires a SPA-framework-based-client-side-rendering it is recommended to use AEM 6.5 version.

  • Headless Content Delivery

The 6.5 version of AEM has made it easy for developers to deliver content fragments with HTTP API (Application Programming Interface). Now developers are creating content fragments and then leveraging the Asset HTTP API to export it in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) Format. AEM 6.5 simplifies the process of delivering Headless Content. 

  • Upgraded designs & add-ons

Digital displays have been remodified in the AEM version 6.5 for optimizing online experiences. The features included in the latest AEM version are expanding media player support for scaling the largest signage network, a streamlined workflow for authoring and approval, and unified insights delivered by Adobe Analytics. 

These are five features of AEM with version 6.5 that are going to support organizations from a technical point of view.

Why discard an outdated AEM version? 

Companies and users tend to not upgrade their AEM despite knowing that an updated version of AEM can deliver a lot of effective solutions like increasing content velocity and improving customer support with engaging content. 

Though the prime reason considered is companies cannot find a suitable ‘Adobe Solution Partner’ for them who can help in seamlessly updating their AEM portal but there are other reasons, stated below, that need to come into focus.

The drawbacks of using an obsolete AEM version are as follows:

The shortcomings of using an outdated AEM version

Redefine Customer Experience with the latest AEM version

It is already proved that Customer Experience is a powerful emotion that impacts the buying pattern. In the era of digitization, where digital transformation has become imperative for enterprises to stay competitive, digital customer experience plays a vital role in building trust and human connection.

  • AEM 6.5 version has contemporary features and robust infrastructure to support building a long-lasting relationship with customers.
  • The smart video cropping and enhanced video support features have been included as enhancements in AEM 6.5. It ensures the rendering of video content on every possible channel. 
  • The latest AEM version has shown remarkable improvement in Automatic tag suggestion and best frame selection that was missing in earlier versions.
  • Adobe has made it possible to create a seamless integration of the latest AEM version with both Adobe and non-Adobe products. For example, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, and Adobe Analytics along with non-Adobe products like Salesforce, and AWS (Amazon Web Service). These technical integrations have helped organizations provide a unified customer experience to their respective customers.
  • Adobe has a pattern detector feature specially released for AEM 6.5 that the techies can deploy on the current environment and run it. The pattern detector feature detects whether the AEM 6.5 version is properly utilizing the assets or not along with it you will get to know if any of the features are conflicting with the upgrades.  
  • The AEM version 6.5 is built on the codebase of AEM 6.4. The backward compatibility feature ensures whether any of the code is breaking or overlapping at the time of upgradation or enhancements.

In these 6 ways, the upgraded version of AEM is providing better customer experiences to the users.    


AEM 6.5 is well connected with Adobe features like Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud. This enables the developers to create media for various channels that ensure an enriched journey from the customer’s end.

One of the unique features of Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 that should be mentioned is that it supports Java 11 and Java 8 as well. From the perspective of Enhancements, AEM 6.5 has enhanced the core components by creating a library composed of a variety of available features and their uses.

Being a trusted ‘Adobe Solution Partner’, we can help you with IT consulting services, Project delivery, and Staffing services. You will be able to propel your vision and journey to the next level with our AEM upgradation services.

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