Celebrating 27 Years of Memories & Milestones

April 4, 2023by manisha

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Glimpses from Youngsoft's 27 years completion event

Youngsoft recently touched the milestone of completing 27 years of its glorious journey. The company celebrated its success by recognizing the contributions of former, and present employees as well as stakeholders. The event was held at Wixom, Michigan. 

The employees, alumni, and a few esteemed guests were present at the event. 

It was a special evening as the gathering served as a fantastic venue for former and present Youngsoft employees to reconnect. As part of the entertainment, activities designed to build teamwork, fun music, and games for kids were arranged.  Everyone enjoyed a night filled with fun, laughter, dance, and camaraderie.

The guests hailed Team Youngsoft for the successful completion of 27 years and for actively participating in CSR activities like providing grants to charities and meeting other social responsibilities. 

The annual party was not just a celebration of Youngsoft’s 27th anniversary, but also a reflection of its values and culture. The company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and teamwork was evident in the way the event was organized.

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