Advantages of AEM Cloud for Developers & Marketers

March 17, 2023by manisha

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Adobe has always kept a tab on the client’s needs and upgraded its tools and software accordingly. With the introduction of AEM as a Cloud Service, AEM has adopted a cloud-native mode for providing digital experiences to its users. 

The Builtwith data on AEM reveals that 34,303 Live websites are using Adobe Experience Manager software at present, and with the introduction of AEM Cloud Service, experts are anticipating the number of websites using AEM to increase.

AEM Cloud service ranges

AEM on-premise, all assets-related operations are carried out on-premises architecture which had to go through the maintenance phase and often led to performance issues for the users. 

Packaged as part of AEM as a Cloud service, it comes with AEM Assets and AEM Sites. AEM as a Cloud Service is capable of resolving these issues with Adobe Hosting, which helps in storing all data in binary storage or datastore and uses the processing power of the cloud. 

Developers and marketing professionals, who are the prime two users of the cloud-native services of Adobe Experience Manager are gaining benefits from the cloud in numerous ways.

AEM Cloud: Developer’s Perspective

AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS) offers a complete AEM environment for the developers including development, production, and maintenance functions. 

  • AEM Cloud Service or AEM CS consists of auto-updating features. It means the developers won’t have to address any challenges regarding product bug fixes or working with security patches. Hence, the auto-updating feature of AEM CS helps the developers to perform upgradation seamlessly.   
  • AEM Cloud runs on a dynamic architecture system that ensures better system performance. Developers can scale the architecture both horizontally and vertically. AEM CS ensures that there is no downtime and that developers can work seamlessly without facing technical issues.
  • AEM as a Cloud Service is supported by build-in-quality gates that help businesses with improved code quality. The build-in-quality gates ensure the business organization is going to optimize development workflows for the entire content lifecycle. 
  • Enterprises receive benefits from reduced ownership as AEM Cloud can optimize the production procedure with best security practices. AEM CS’s working procedure includes CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) pipeline which helps eliminate the manual procedures that developers are still maintaining.

AEM Cloud: Marketer’s Perspective

AEM Cloud or AEM CS is designated to support the marketing team with exceptional Content Management, Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Experience Management tools. 

  • The cloud service of AEM has kept the tension at bay for them by making an updated version always available. No marketers will ever want their customers to experience downtime while going through the website. Earlier, AEM sometimes had to stop its service to complete the on-premises maintenance and updates. AEM Cloud has resolved this problem for marketers.
  • Adobe has provided easy access to Adobe Sensei, the Adobe AI intelligence platform, for marketers with AEM as a Cloud Service. At the time of content creation, Adobe Sensei analyzes the text thoroughly and summarizes the core point of the entire document. Even if the content is documented in the paper, Adobe Sensei can convert it to fully editable digital text with a simple digital photo click. 
  • Marketers usually face a technical snag during the bulk uploading of digital assets. While all the uploaded assets are processed by using the DAM update asset workflow, the bulk uploading process sometimes deteriorates the performance of these creative assets resulting in a poor digital experience. To resolve this issue, AEM Cloud administrators have introduced Asset Microservices for serverless resource handling.  

These are some of the major advantages developers and marketers can receive from AEM as a Cloud Service. While AEM offers innovative and scalable digital experiences, business organizations need to shift from their existing Content Management System to AEM for availing the best ecosystem to manage their marketing content and assets.    

Why should businesses migrate to AEM Cloud?

Both developers and marketers can focus on delivering experience at scale with AEM CS due to its secure and agile nature. Migrating to AEM CS cloud-native platform from other platforms may prove to be advantageous for both developers and marketers. When it comes to migrating to the AEM cloud, here are a few benefits to consider.

  • Cost-effectiveness

It results in cost reduction and both marketers and developers can operate the AEM-powered site or portal seamlessly.

  • 24/7 functioning

AEM Cloud offers a lot of exciting features to both marketers and developers. It ensures your AEM-powered website will never experience any kind of outage and it is functioning on a 24/7 basis along with your customers receiving a great user experience.

  • Agility 

The SaaS (Software as a Service) feature of AEM provides AEM Cloud with the much-required agility. The SaaS model provides AEM Cloud with the agility to deliver content faster than before. The cloud-native agility ensures that businesses are receiving their value along with higher ROI.


With the introduction of AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS) in 2020, users who were using AEM or who are about to utilize the cloud-native platform, have received a great boost. AEM Cloud has given an uplift to companies of every size as they now have a cloud solution for enhanced user experience management with a low cost of ownership, usage-based license model, auto-scalability, and other features.

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